an innovative  VR product for digital relaxation experiences in various landscapes and environments 

REALEX is a health service designed to help people find their cognitive calm by fully plunging into various natural landscapes while still allowing them to remain in their usual environment, such as their office or apartment.

The experience provided by REALEX picks people up from their stressful everyday life through the immersive effect of virtual reality, which ensures a full presence experience.



Scientific based approach

Scientifically proven and efficient content that enables a better mental relaxation


Proven decrease of stress, anxiety and depression with simultaneous stimulation of mental relaxation

Facts & Figures

Proven stress reduction by 40% after 10 minutes of use


REALEX for companies


Shared Value

By helping its employees to deal with stress and mental overload by means of REALEX, companies invest in their own prosperity by decreasing levels of burnouts and stimulating employees´productivity

Building an employer brand

By using the most contemporary technologies, such as REALEX, for their employees' well-being, companies create an employer brand and corporate culture, that not only attracts the right candidates, but makes them want to stay

REALEX is created on the base of  Oculus Go, 
an all-in-one VR headset for full virtual reality experiences



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